US Gambling Industry Leads in Diverse Workforce

US Gambling Industry

Business is about profit, providing services, and contributing to the economy. The most straightforward way to look at it, is that businesses remit taxes based on the revenue they get each month or year. And while that is the main contribution a business can make, there are a lot of factors that are involved as well. For instance, the US gambling industry not just helps the economy by tax revenues, but it also helps in terms of technological innovation, entertainment ventures, and labor as well.

Whenever you read gambling industry news, you will be likely to hear about expansion, which is a sign that the industry is doing great. This also means more employment opportunities for residents. And as in any business, operators would want to contribute to society. Aside from providing jobs, they are also providing equal opportunity regardless of age, gender, and race. In fact, the US gaming industry is the leader in inclusion and diversity of labor.


US Gambling Industry: How Inclusivity Helps

US Gambling IndustryThe data comes from the American Gaming Association (AGA), and their report states that more than 61% of employees in the gambling industry are minorities. This is compared to around 52% in the hospitality industry, and 42% across other industries in the country. In addition, gender disparity has decreased over the past years. Currently, around 48% of the gambling workforce are female. It is still lower for females in senior-level capacities, but the numbers are slowly changing. The same goes for Bookie PPH software users: there is a good level of diversity in bookies today.

This matters because a diverse workforce brings about a different experience for customers as well. It helps bring in more customers, and it also helps will equal opportunity-jobs. Aside from working for operators and gaming developers, there are more ways that people can earn from gambling and sports betting. An affiliate commission program, for instance, is a great way to earn money online.


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