Sportsbooks Add Pickleball in Massachusetts

Sportsbooks Add Pickleball in Massachusetts

Over time, new sports, new sports leagues, and tournaments crop up. When that happens, it takes a while for enough support and interest to gather. But when it does, betting on it will soon follow. Which is why most bookies opt for a sportsbook pay per head service. Because they are usually one of the first to adapt and add the latest in sports betting. And in the latest in gambling and sports betting, sportsbooks add pickleball, and Massachusetts allows it.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) is the regulatory body for wagering in the state, and they are the latest to include Picklball in the sports betting catalog. This was prompted by the request of FanDuel. The request was specific to matches that are under sanction by the Professional Pickleball Association, such as the PPA Tour.

Sportsbooks Add Pickleball- But What is It?

Sportsbooks Add Pickleball in MassachusettsContrary to its name, there are no pickles involved in the sport. It is a racket/paddle sport and the court looks similar to that of a badminton court. Its basically a combination of tennis, ping pong, and badminton. The sport is very popular in the US, and is now gaining interest in other countries. If you want to know if it is popular with your players, you can improve your bookie business with reports. After all, knowing what your players bet on can help you plan better.

And now that another sport is getting popular with both sports fans and bettors alike, you can use this to gain a new customer base. You can entice them to bet on PPA Tour events. In addition, these gambling affiliate tutorials can also help expand your gambling network.

The PPA Tour is run similarly to that of the ATP or WTA Tennis tours. Currently, the PPA Tour is the first organization in the sport that is being bet on, and is now available in betting markets across the country, and has even made its way to Canada. It will not be surprising to see more events, and more wagers, on Pickleball in the next few years.


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