The Affiliate Software

We are proud to be using the iDevAffiliate affiliate software which is a top notch affiliate software that literally has thousandsof features, functions and configuration combinations. We've listed the most prominent features below.

Extensive Payout Options iDevAffiliate Admin Center Screenshot
Payout Options Pay-Per-Sale (Percentage).
Payout Options Pay-Per-Sale (Flat Rate Payout).
Payout Options Pay-Per-Click (Unique Visitors Only).
Payout Options Pay-Per-Lead
Payout Options Create up to 100 payout levels for each payout style.
Payout Options Payout styles and levels adjustable per affiliate.
Payout Options Affiliates can choose their payout style - optional.
Payout Options Change individual accounts - payout styles, levels, etc.
Payout Options Block payout styles from individual affiliates.
Built-In Affiliate Marketing iDevAffiliate TextAds
Affiliate Marketing All linking codes are automatically generated.
Affiliate Marketing Unlimited text ads (just like Google AdWords).
Affiliate Marketing Unlimited banners (including flash banners).
Affiliate Marketing Unlimited text links.
Affiliate Marketing Unlimited full page HTML ads.  
Affiliate Marketing Email links are automatically created. Marketing Groups
Affiliate Marketing Custom keyword link creation by affiliates. Marketing Groups Set alternate incoming URL locations.
Affiliate Marketing Email friends & directly in the affiliate account. Marketing Groups Upload unique content to each marketing group.
Affiliate Marketing Offline marketing module included in all versions. Marketing Groups Run multiple websites from one installation.
Integration Made Easy Cart Integration Wizard
iDevAffiliate works with nearly all merchant accounts, shopping carts, billing systems and membership management systems. The logos to the left are just samples. iDevAffiliate integrates with thousands of today's most popular products. Using the cart integration wizard, you can have your checkout system integrated within minutes. If your checkout system isn't listed in the dropdown menu, we have an "alternate cart integration" method that using a tracking pixel on your sale confirmation page.
Admin Center Reports & Statistics Affiliate Control Panel Reports & Statistics
Reports & Statistics Graph: 30 days activity. Reports & Statistics View incoming traffic logs & statistics.
Reports & Statistics Pie Chart: Overall affiliate activity. Reports & Statistics View tier accounts.
Reports & Statistics Neatly formatted report printouts. Reports & Statistics View payment history.
Reports & Statistics Marketing statistics for each marketing tool. Reports & Statistics View individual commission records.
Reports & Statistics Incoming traffic logs with referring URL. Reports & Statistics View conversion ratios.
Reports & Statistics Data export wizards: CSV comma, CSV tab, Excel. Reports & Statistics View recurring commission details.
Customize iDevAffiliate Advanced Security Features
Customize iDevAffiliate HTML Smarty templates for easy customization. Security Features Triple redundancy tracking - IP, cookies, sessions.
Customize iDevAffiliate Adjustable language packs in the admin center. Security Features Adjustable tracking expiration.
Customize iDevAffiliate Adjustable color scheme in the admin center. Security Features Built-in commission fraud controls.
Customize iDevAffiliate Adjustable email templates in the admin center. Security Features PHP sha1 password encryption.
Customize iDevAffiliate Adjustable signup fields plus add your own. Security Features Compliant for register globals OFF (or on).
Customize iDevAffiliate Install into any directory name or sub-domain. Security Features Built-in API for external code integration.
Standard Features Optional PayPal Payments
iDevAffiliate Features Manually or automatic approval of accounts. PayPal Payments Pay your affiliates with PayPal.
iDevAffiliate Features Manually or automatic approval of commissions. PayPal Payments PayPal mass pay feature.
iDevAffiliate Features Optional signup bonus.    
iDevAffiliate Features Optional balance requirement before payout. Integrated Rewards System
iDevAffiliate Features Currency & currency symbol settings. Rewards System Advance payout levels based on performance.
iDevAffiliate Features Email your affiliates from the admin center. Rewards System Criteria: # of sales or amount of commission generated.
iDevAffiliate Features Create affiliate notes visible in the affiliate control panel.    
iDevAffiliate Features Edit, suspend, remove accounts. Recurring Commissions
iDevAffiliate Features Manage tier accounts. Recurring Commissions Recur commission on an individual basis.
iDevAffiliate Features Search affiliates or commissions. Recurring Commissions Recur any amount of the original commission.