The BlindMonkeyMedia Affiliate Program
Create Your Own Affiliate Program

Monkey Affiliates let's you have your very own affiliate program to increase your sales revenue and website traffic. We bring you the most cost effective way to advertise your product or services since you do not pay your affiliates until you get the sale.  Whether you own a sports betting software company, an online store or a real estate company, our software will easily integrate with your website.

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Affiliate Commission Program

We offer an affiliate commission program that pays your affiliate based on sales or service commission. Our affiliate commission program is integrated with your software to keep track of your affiliate sales and automatically computes the sales commission based on your preferences.


Per Click Commission Program

Our per click commission program is ideal for people looking to get tons of traffic to their website. You are able to pay each affiliate the desired amount from $0.01 to as high as you want for each visitor they bring to yor website.

Per Sale Affiliate Program

Our per Sale Affiliate Program will let you offer commission to your affiliate base on a flat fee or percentage per sale basis. This type of commission is ideal for the business that does not want to worry about giving out large commission or for businesses that want to know the amount of money they will have to pay to their affiliates.


Per Leads Commission Program

The Per Leads affiliate commission program will keep track of all leads that are generated via the affiliate program. You are able to set the price you want to pay for each lead that your affiliates bring to you.