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150th Kentucky Derby Preview and Popular Bets

The Kentucky Derby is one of the biggest horse racing events in the world. It is also the largest racing event in the US for horse betting, so expect a very busy weekend as thousands of people flock over to Churchill Downs on Saturday, May 4. If you are into horse...

Latest Sports Betting Bill in Georgia Takes Different Approach

In the latest gambling news, the latest sports betting bill in Georgia takes a different approach to legalize sports betting in the state. Most efforts to legalize betting have a huge hurdle to face in the legislature. This is because most bills require an amendment...

New York Sportsbooks See New Record in Handle

One of the most important aspects of efficient sportsbook management is looking at the stats of your sportsbook. This involves creating a report where you can see your betting handle, your revenue, the hold percentage, and other important information, like where...

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Sportsbooks Add Pickleball in Massachusetts

Sportsbooks Add Pickleball in Massachusetts

Over time, new sports, new sports leagues, and tournaments crop up. When that happens, it takes a while for enough support and interest to gather. But when it does, betting on it will soon follow. Which is why most bookies opt for a sportsbook pay per head service....