Super Group Deal to Acquire DGC Closes in January 2023

Super Group Deal to Acquire DGC Closes in January 2023

One of the most talked-about announcements this week comes from Super Group. Super Group, the company behind the popular Betway and Spin sportsbook names, have announced that their deal to acquire long-term partner Digital Gaming Corporation (DGC) will officially close on January 2023. This is just a month or so later than the initially announced date of the DGC purchase for the end of this year.

Why is this important? Those who own a sportsbook pay per head business know that these purchases can actually expand the reach of a new company wanting to breach an existing market. And in this case, it will be sports betting in the US. This acquisition will help Super Group, who is mostly based in the UK, to gain entrance to the rapidly growing US Sports betting market as early as next year.

Super Group Deal to Acquire DGC Closes in January 2023Super Group and DGC Acquisition

Currently, DGC has access to 12 sports betting markets across the US. This list includes New Jersey and Pennsylvania, two of the biggest sports betting markets in the country. Increasing your player and customer base goes a long way in increasing revenue, along with strategies like earning money by giving out bonuses in your sportsbook.

Super Group is looking at North American sports betting, a direction that many bookies look at. If you check this Affiliate Commission Program, you will see the increase in activity in sports betting across the continent. Super Group has also transitioned its operation for Betway and Spin in Ontario, Canada. They are also looking at expanding their operations across the country, as well as invest in Apricot Investments, the parent company of Microgaming. Microgaming is Betway’s sportsbook technology provider.


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