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business news

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US Looks for More Predictable Business Environment in China

The United States is looking for a more predictable business environment in China for American businesses. US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo spoke with Shanghai Communist Party leader Chen Jining during her four-day trip to the country. Raimondo said that a stable...

US Gambling Industry Leads in Diverse Workforce

Business is about profit, providing services, and contributing to the economy. The most straightforward way to look at it, is that businesses remit taxes based on the revenue they get each month or year. And while that is the main contribution a business can make,...

Tax Changes for 2022 May Be Good, Or Bad, for Americans

We now have another year of changes in tax law, which you will need to know for the 2022 filing season. Given the tax changes for 2022, you can get either a smaller refund, or a bigger tax bill. Which is why its recommended by many that you try to add another source...

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