US Supreme Court Grants a Temporary Stay on Florida Sports Betting

US Supreme Court Grants a Temporary Stay on Florida Sports Betting

The US Supreme Court approved the application from the Bonita-Fort Myers Corporation and West Flagler Associates to grant a temporary stay on Florida sports betting. As a result, the future of sports wagering remains unclear in the state.

According to bookie PPH reports, a gaming contract between the state and the Seminole Tribe has been challenged in court for the latest time. The order, signed by Chief Justice John Roberts, reminds us of the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals directive in West Flagler vs. Haaland.

Until the court decides, the Seminole Tribe of Florida cannot begin offering sports betting across the state. According to sportsbook pay per head sources, the deadline for responding to West Flagler’s Department of the Interior application is Friday, October 18, at 5 pm.

Temporary Stay on Florida Sports Betting

US Supreme Court Grants a Temporary Stay on Florida Sports BettingEven if the court rules in favor of the Seminoles, it is doubtful that the Hard Rock would resume sports betting very soon. This is the case despite hopes that gambling will be available before the end of the first half of the NFL season.

West Flagler stated in its stay motion dated October 6 that it intended to formally submit a writ of certiorari – a request to review the case – to the court by November 20. If the court decides to hear the case, resolution might take a long time. According to gambling affiliate tutorials and news sites, the dispute concerns whether the federal government can sanction the Seminoles’ gaming accord.

After Ron DeSantis, Florida’s governor, authorized the tribe’s contract in May 2021, the tribe became the state’s exclusive provider of mobile sports betting. Mobile wagers made outside of Indian territory were directed to go via tribal servers under the terms of the agreement, creating a “hub-and-spoke” network.

Deb Haaland’s ability to ratify the gaming agreement is at the heart of the debate. West Flagler has argued that the agreement violates the Constitution and many federal statutes in its petitions and arguments filed with the DC Circuit.

Some have argued that the Indian Gambling Regulatory Act (IGRA) is broken since the agreement allows gaming in locations other than Indian territory.

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