Softswiss Affilka Signs an Affiliate Partnership with TruePartners

Softswiss Affilka Signs an Affiliate Partnership with TruePartners

Softswiss Affilka signs an affiliate partnership deal with TruePartners. The latter is an affiliate program for several brands, including,, Lucky Nova, and Thus, TruePartner will now operate Affilka.

Multiple brands under TruePartners can now operate under a single affiliate program. As a result, the operator can increase each brand’s exposure, optimize revenues, and reduce overhead costs. Also, it offers a flexible affiliate marketing solution to all affiliates that are operating under the program.

Affilka gives brands access to affiliate database management and detailed reporting. Also, the deal expands the company’s portfolio. According to a sports betting software Asia provider, Affilka is one of the best affiliate companies today.

Softswiss Affilka Signs Affiliate Partnership Deal

Softswiss Affilka Signs an Affiliate Partnership with TruePartnersTruePartner did a lot of research on various tracking system providers before they decided on Affilka. Also, they are satisfied with their choice and partnership.

Monkey Affiliates learned that Affilka recently achieved a milestone after getting its 100th brand into the platform. Also, they observed that there’s an increase in online casino and sportsbook partnerships with Affilka over the last six months.

The growth showed Affilka’s growing influence in the online gambling sector. Also, it plans to double the number of its partnerships within the year. At present, Affilka now has more than a hundred sportsbooks and casinos in just a couple of years.

Aside from TruePartners, Fizzslots also moved from a third-party affiliate program to Affilka. As a result, their partners would benefit from various features, including built-in payment processing, database management features, and commission constructor.

At present, Fizzslots is operating in the Ukrainian market. However, it has plans to expand in Australia, India, New Zealand, Eastern Europe, and the CIS. The gambling operator wants to ensure maximum comfort level for both beginners and experienced bettors.

Affilka also has a collaboration with Captainsbet Casino, which is operating in Kenya. Also, it plans to expand into Europe and Asia.