Latest Corcoran Affiliate Expands Presence in the Caribbean

Latest Corcoran Affiliate Expands Presence in the Caribbean

Corcoran St Barth is the second Corcoran affiliate in the Caribbean. Also, it is the 13th firm to join the affiliate network after its launch. So it was according to the company’s announcement last Wednesday.

Corcoran St Barth is located n the French West Indies, making it the second affiliate in the Caribbean. The Corcoran Group started the Corcoran Affiliate Network eighteen months ago. Its first affiliate is Corcoran Global Living, launched in February 2020. It incorporates Zephyr Real Estate in San Francisco into Oliver Luxury Real Estate to serve Reno and Lake Tahoe markets.

Since the first affiliate launch, 12 other affiliates have launched in various markets, including Chicago, North Florida, Denver, Phoenix, Hawaii, Westchester, Charlotte, and New York. The latest company, Corcoran St Barth, will serve the capital of Gustavia.

Latest Corcoran Affiliate

Latest Corcoran Affiliate Expands Presence in the CaribbeanThe company specializes in renting out luxury villas in the capital of Gustavia. During its launch in 2012, it has three properties. At present, it now has 180 rental properties. Corcoran Group CEO and President Pamela Leaveman said that the island is home to discerning sellers and buyers from across the globe. Thus, they expanded into the market. Also, it would open the door to its affiliate network.

According to Monkey Affiliates reports, Corcoran St Barth will have access to the parent company’s resources that include using the Corcoran brand, marketing and training tools, and a more comprehensive network among consumers and the real estate industry.

Corcoran is the top affiliate company in various real estate markets. Also, the company is proud to bring the brand to the St Barth market. It is one of the first offshore affiliates that are part of the Corcoran network. Also, Corcoran St Barth is looking forward to using the resources available to the company’s affiliates. They make more money than becoming a bookie in the region.