Will the Vermont Bookie Industry Finally Be Legal?

Will the Vermont Bookie Industry Finally Be Legal?

Vermont is one of the few states in the country that still does not offer sports betting. Given how lucrative the online bookie software industry is, its very surprising that we are still seeing resistance in these states. However, the tides may be turning as we could possibly see a Vermont bookie industry as the state’s legislature considers legalizing sports betting in Vermont.

The Vermont General Assembly has a Sports Betting Study Committee, which lately had a hearing from government officials, an operator, and a sports bettor talking about retail and online sports betting. Keep in mind that across New England, Vermont is the only state without sports betting. So most adults in the state are probably aware of this, and the legislature is taking quite a bit of long time acting on this.


Vermont Bookie Industry

Will the Vermont Bookie Industry Finally Be Legal?Of course, those in the pay per head bookie business know that the longer you do not have your sportsbook live, the more potential revenue you are losing. For Vermont, residents can travel to any point, cross the border, place wagers, and go back. Instead of the state earning from this, neighboring states will be the ones earning from this through sports betting revenue tax.

For now, the committee continues to study sports betting, and will prepare a report that they will submit to the legislature. Some discussions involve regulatory bodies, regulations, tax rates, and other relevant matters. However, no timelines are under discussion, so we will still do not know how it will progress for Vermont. For now, residents will have to make do with alternative options for sports betting. As for you, you can continue to enjoy your wagering, and even earn from an Affiliate Commission Program for sports wagering.


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