Latest Sports Betting Bill in Georgia Takes Different Approach

Latest Sports Betting Bill in Georgia Takes Different Approach

In the latest gambling news, the latest sports betting bill in Georgia takes a different approach to legalize sports betting in the state. Most efforts to legalize betting have a huge hurdle to face in the legislature. This is because most bills require an amendment to the constitution of Georgia. So, legislators have found a new way to bring betting to the people.

Senate Bill 386 (SB 386) was sponsored by 12 senators- with bipartisan support, and is now being referred to the chamber’s economic development and tourism committee. This bill is different because this could be a workaround to the amendment needed. This is through the lottery game of online sports betting, which will be under the oversight of the existing Georgia Lottery Corp.

Latest Sports Betting Bill in Georgia

Latest Sports Betting Bill in Georgia Takes Different ApproachThe bill states that oversight and regulation will be under the Georgia Lottery Corporation, which is different from another sports-betting bill, SB 172, which aims to amend the constitution and create a Georgia Sports Betting Commission. SB 172 also aims to allow in-person betting, and SB 386 does not.

While this may seem odd, it is actually simpler to propose just one form of betting to make it easier for the bill to pass. Online sports betting is more popular and lucrative, so it is fitting that this new bill opt for that. If you look at the bookie pay per head industry, growth remains consistent over the years.

The bill also looks at licenses- maxed out at 16, with a proposal for a $1 million a year licensing fee, and a 15% tax rate. Meanwhile, those who want to become a bookie and offer sports betting in a wider market, can use bookie software to do so. With the right tools, and by using online marketing services, you can easily earn well from sports betting.


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